Aim High!

Contrail Consulting Services provides clients with years of hands-on technical expertise and managerial experience. Contributing and providing leadership in wide range of industry sectors has resulted in the delivery of innovative solutions.

Industry Sector Involvements

Medical Education

Study member and Developmental Lead culminating in the design of ImageSim, an award winning and accredited online competency-based learning system for health care professionals.

Research and Analytics

Assisted in the development and conducting of research studies beginning from conceptualization and ending in peer reviewed journal publications.


Engaged in the design and development of tissue engineering systems for clinical and microgravity applications.


Provided support in crew safety systems development, space life science studies, and scientific payloads aboard both Space Shuttle and International Space Station platforms.

History and Experience

Contrail Consulting Services was provided companies and agencies access to short-term, specialized assistance in completing major project milestones. As deadlines approached, clients have been able to augment their in-house capabilities with Contrail’s value-added services in order to save both time and costs. 

Our journey began in Defence Research laboratories but expanded to include projects pertaining to the development of specialized software and hardware for aerospace and tissue engineering systems.  Most recently, Contrail has been supporting research into understanding medical decision making, and in the development of novel training and support systems to help reduce diagnostic imaging related errors.

The diversity of these challenges has provided Contrail with a unique set of skills in addition to a solid grounding for problem solving.  These, coupled with creativity, have brought about novel solutions over a broad range of sectors.    


Key Services

With over 20 years of experience in a range of technology-backed business and research sectors, Contrail Consulting Services provides clients with practiced skills required to prototype novel ideas, complete project lifecycles, and to publish and present findings in various media formats. Contrail’s expertise can assist customers in areas involving:

  • Project Planning and Management
  • Data  Acquisition and Analyses
  • Research Design and Support
  • Media Content and Design

Innovating for a better future (ImageSim)